car radio unlocking and decoding software for 95% of cars.Only 1.50.


United states
Unlock car radios and stereos.
Professional car radio/stereo unlocking software.
lowest cost decoding software on the internet.
Find your unlocking code from your radio serial number.

In-car radio/stereo unlocking.

Use it on your computer. Can be used over and over again.
Only £1.50 Find the unlocking code for your car radio.

 Unlock your car stereo and cd player

Includes software for Citroen, Fiat, Mercedes,
Land rover, Philips,Pioneer,Pioneer, Renault, Vauxhall,
Saab, Kia, Becker, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Ford, Grundig, Kenwood, Motarola etc.
Software for most models. Only £1.50.

New software added for Becker Ford, Blaupunkt.
And some Peugeot Renault, Philips VDO- only with a Pre-code security number.

Click above.Check that your radio has a pre-code number before ordering.

Please be aware that this software is designed to run under
Microsoft and may not work on a Mac computer.

Which radio should be in your car? Check Here!

It's only £1.50 fo car radio and dvd unlock ing software
via most cards. It's fast, free and Secure. Most cards accepted.

Please note! The radio software will not work for FORD radios with a security number beginning with 'V'. Only with numbers beginning with 'A', 'C', 'L', or 'M'
. Will unlock any Ford radio from around the world starting with the above letters.

Not suitable for Siemens.
Will unlock some Philips radios butonly if it has a [pre-code security number.

Use the Multi-decoding software unit for these.


Ford radio codes

If you just need the unlocking software for Ford Radios,
as above, it will cost you only £1.00

Will give code for all Ford radios starting with A,C,L and M.
Plus old fords. From any country.
Includes 2000, 3000, 5000 and 6000, 7000 models.
Click Here.

Or you can send us the Ford radio serial number and we
will find the code for you. Please do this via email:

*Windows 7 and Vista users please read this first*CLICK HERE.*

Multi-Radio unlocking software £1.50. You get the link for software immediately after payment.

Click below.


You will be given the download page immediately after payment.

Please note! Sometimes links get broken. Please contact us immediately
if you are unable to reach the download page after payment.

Use this link here to send an Email.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 


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Laqndrover codesVolvo codesFiat codesToyota codes


Use it over and over again.
You can unlock radios for friends and colleagues

or maybe start a small business with the software.

Read the instructions supplied with the software, and your manufacturers handbook, and you should be successful with about ninety five percent of cars. Because there are hundreds of different models of radio we cannot give technical help.
We cannot guarantee that this software will work for all vehicles, athough it has worked for many from all over the world -especially ford. However, for the sake of £1.50($2.25) what have you got to lose?


Ford radio code software. Only £1.00

Car radio/stereo unlocking software

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